How to play

Round Overview

Sagas: Bretland is played over several game ROUNDS, each of which containing four PHASES. These phases are performed in the order listed below. During each phase, starting with the active player and continuing counter clockwise around the table, every player will perform the actions associated with that phase. The phases of a game round are as follows:

1. Production phase
2. Movement phase
3. Battle phase
4. Objective phase


1. Production Phase

During this phase, each player gathers resources from their settlements and explorers.

  • Gold from settlements
  • Wood from forest regions
  • Ore from mountain regions
  • Food from plains regions

The players may then use these resources to produce buildings, units or buy new objective cards. 

  • Buildings
    • Villages to gather more resources
    • Walls to protect the villages
    • Barracks to increase the max unit count
    • Drakkars to move over water regions
  • Units
    • Warriors to fight battles
    • Berserkers for a bigger edge in battle
    • Explorers to settle and explore

This phase may be done simultaneously by every player to save time.

2. Movement Phase

In the movement phase, the active player may move each of their units up to a number of areas equal to the player’s travel speed, which is determined by the chosen Viking leader. Moving units may cause map tiles to be revealed and battles to be triggered in the battle phase. After the active player has completed their movement phase, the next player counter clockwise may complete their movement phase, until all players have done so.

3. Battle Phase

During the battle phase, the active player will resolve any battles that have been triggered by moving units in the movement phase. The rounds of a battle are as follows:

  1. Dice are rolled for the settlement defense during a raid.
  2. Dice are rolled for each unit in battle.
  3. Dice are re-rolled for each Berserker in battle.
  4. Casualties are removed based on the dice results.
  5. Players may choose to continue the battle or retreat.

Once all battles have been resolved for the active player, the next player counter clockwise completes their battle phase, until all battles have been resolved this round. This phase may be skipped if no battles were triggered in the movement phase.

4. Objective Phase

During this phase, the active player may score any objectives achieved. After the active player completes their objective phase, the next player counter clockwise begins their objective phase. This process continues until all players have completed their objective phase. Then, the active player marker is passed one player clockwise and the next round starts, begining with the production phase.

Winning the Game

A game of Sagas: Bretland ends at the end of the objective phase if a player has gained ten victory points. If two or more players are tied, the player with the largest number of units on the game board wins.

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